How To Get A Red Lobster Birthday Coupon

How To Get A Red Lobster Birthday Coupon

Did you know you can enjoy a special Red Lobster birthday offer just by doing a few things that will be explained in this article? The amazing part of getting a special offer on your birthday is that you will not be required to pay or make any purchase; and that is precisely the truth. A lot of customers have been enjoying this offer for some time now; and you can start right away after reading this article.

Red Lobster is famous for its very delicious quality seafood, and world class wines. Customers have opportunities to order for some of the most deliciously prepared meals that include the following; Shrimp and Wood Grilled Chicken, Admiral’s Feast, Shrimp Jambalaya, and many more. The restaurant also boasts of some of the best hands in terms of waiters and other highly trained members of staff at various departments.

How To Find Red Lobster Birthday Coupon

Like other restaurants with birthday special offers – Applebees birthday coupons, Red Robin birthday coupons etc; Red Lobster also offers birthday tretas for loyal customers or registered member of its email club.

To find or earn for yourself a Red Lobster birthday coupon, all you need to do is sign up for the restaurant’s Fresh Catch Club. Membership is open to all new and existing customers who require more than just dining out at their favourite locations.

When you sign up for the Red Lobster Fresh Catch Club at least seven days to your next birthday, you will be sent a special coupon that entitles you to receive a freebie. This can be redeemed on the month of your birthday; and is even one out of many other offers that you can enjoy just by being a member. The restaurant holds members of the Fresh Catch Club in high esteem, and will send out latest news, offers, and information on new Red Lobster restaurants locations on regular basis to various email addresses.

For more on the Fresh Catch Club, CLICK HERE!


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