Learning More about Red Lobster Restaurant – Menu, Coupons Etc.

Learning More about Red Lobster Restaurant – Menu, Coupons Etc.

Red Lobster is a premier, casual dining restaurant that specializes in seafood meals. Since its establishment in 1968, the restaurant continues to impress their customers with their quality seafood ingredients and exquisite preparation that can easily whet anyone’s appetite. The restaurant currently has more than 700 locations worldwide and expansion continues to this day as the open new branches in different locations.

History of Red Lobster 

The first Red Lobster restaurant was opened in 1968. Bill Draden’s restaurant acumen since his teenage years made him establish a very successful restaurant in Lakeland, Florida. Red Lobster experienced initial growth even on its first years as Draden successfully operated five Red Lobster restaurants by 1970. Because of its success, the restaurant was purchased by General Mills in1970. It was only in 1985 that the restaurant again became part of Draden Restaurants which also paved the way to massive expansion not only in USA but also in other countries.

The Red Lobster Menu and Dedication to Quality  

The seafood entrees of Red Lobster have single-handedly made the restaurant what it is today – each entrée features delectable seafood with fresh ingredients. Loyal patrons of Red Lobster always expect the best from the restaurant and they are never disappointed because of the careful preparation of every entrée. The seafood specials, lunch and dinner menus are all carefully planned so that each preparation is served with perfection.

Preparing this type of meal is very tough because of the seafood ingredients. But customers are confident that each meal comes with fresh ingredients and quality seafood. Red Lobster has a dedicated team of quality inspectors that constantly works with producers of fresh ingredients and seafood. Their control of quality is not only on the seafood itself but also its source. Red Lobster ensures that the source of their crabs, shrimp and fish are from reliable source that do not exploit the sea.

Red Lobster Coupons 

The price of the entrees at Red Lobster is very competitive but the restaurant doesn’t end there. Customers can also enjoy some significant discount through coupons. Red Lobster sends out coupons to their customers and some of them are available in 3rd party websites. Simply print out the coupon and enjoy the discount in an instant. Just like most restaurants, these coupons are sent out to entice customers to their new entrees or to simply attract new patrons.

The best source of Red Lobster coupon is their online “Fresh Catch Club”. Sign-up for free in their official website and you’ll immediately receive the latest news and updates from Red Lobster. More often than not, the updates focuses on various locations of Red Lobster and it could also contain some printable coupons for discounts.

As a gift, members of the “Fresh Catch Club” will receive printable coupons on the month of their birthday. It’s a birthday gift from Red Lobster and applicable when they dine at the restaurant on their special day. The gift could be a free entrée or a dessert depending on location. It’s a simple gift but could mean discounts and free entrees from Red Lobster.

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