November & December 2012 Red Lobster Coupons- How To Enjoy Special Discounts At Your Favorite Red Lobster Restaurant

How To Enjoy Special Discounts At Your Favorite Red Lobster Restaurant

Happy days are not yet over as Red Lobster restaurant continues to roll out the good times with various discounts and coupons to even in November and December, 2012. It means you will be able to enjoy some of your favorite meals at special discounts over the next few weeks.

The $4 Off Any 2 Adult Dinner Entrees & $3 Off Any 2 Adult Lunch Entrees

Join thousands of other Red Lobster loyal customers that have been enjoying this twin offer. The $4 off any 2 adult dinner entrees and the $3 off any 2 adult lunch entrees is open to customers who sign up to the Red Lobster Fresh Catch Club. Registration is the major condition for enjoying the offer. Customers who sign up with the Fresh Catch Club at least seven days to their next birthday will have an opportunity to enjoy a special birthday offer from the restaurant.


Red Lobster Crabfest 2012

Red Lobster Crabfest is currently running. Enjoy Delicious crabs entrees for less than $20. With 5 crab entrees to choose from, any salad of your choice and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits, it is really worth checking out! CLICK HERE!!!

The $14.99 Endless Shrimp Offer – EXPIRED!!!

This is one of those special offers you wouldn’t want to miss if you are a regular at Red Lobster restaurant. The $14.99 endless shrimp offer enables you to enjoy any salad and cheddar bay biscuits of your choice when you buy any 5 shrimp dishes.

For more CLICK HERE!

The Red Lobster $5 Off Any 2 Adult Dinner Entrees

With this offer, you can reduce the price of any 2 adult dinner entrees by $5 when you follow Red Lobster Facebook official fan page.

For more details,  CLICK HERE!

Other Coupons

Also in the months of November and December, as in previous months; customers will be able to share and enjoy lots of Red Lobster special discounts via the restaurant’s official Facebook fan page.

For more CLICK HERE!



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