Red Lobster Locations – Finding The Perfect Red Lobster Location Near You

Red Lobster Locations

Red Lobster is one of the largest restaurant chains in North America. Established in 1968, the restaurant has more than 700 branches in four countries: USA, Canada, Japan and UAE. The restaurant is well known for their impressive line of entrees based on seafood although they also offer meals based on meat and chicken.

The first Red Lobster location is in Lakeland, Florida. The restaurant immediately became popular in the region that they expanded to five locations in just two years. Their aggressive expansion even improved significantly after the restaurant it was acquired by General Mills.

Unique Entrees in Red Lobster Locations

Each Red Lobster has something unique to offer to their customer even though most of them are still based on seafood. The main reason for the variety of entrees in each location is logistics and access to ingredients. Red Lobster is dedicated to quality since they want to ensure that every customer gets only the best from the restaurant. Some of the ingredients are not easily accessible in some places in the country and this limits the entrees available in some areas.

Finding the Perfect Red Lobster Location

Since each location has a different set of entrees, it can be a little bit challenging finding the restaurant that features the entrée you want to try. Fortunately, the official website of Red Lobster has a branch location. This is a very powerful interactive online tool since customers can easily find the nearest Red Lobster location. Simply enter the zip code or city and state so that the official website of Red Lobster will search for the nearest branches.

Once the website finds the nearest Red Lobster location, customers can check out the unique menu of the location. The official website is also capable of providing driving directions as well as indicating other services available in the specific branch of Red Lobster.

To find a red lobster locations near you, visit the official Red Lobster site at and use the Restaurant Locator feature on the site.

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