Red Lobster Specials – Getting The Best Of Red Lobster Special Offers

Red Lobster Specials

The Red Lobster Specials are promotions running for a limited time focusing on some of the best entrees of the popular restaurant chain. Although Red Lobster constantly features a special promotion in most of its branches, they constantly change as the restaurant caters to the varying demands of their customers.

The current promotion at Red Lobster is the “Endless Shrimp” special. It’s a very straightforward promotion as customers only have to pay flat rate to enjoy all the shrimp that they can get. The standard rate for the “Endless Shrimp” promotion is only $15.99. There could be some price difference in other areas but they are often minimal.

The current Red Lobster special comes in five different entrees and each entrée is perfect even for the most distinguishing taste. The “Sweet and Spicy Grilled Shrimp” is the latest addition to the unlimited shrimp special featuring the unforgettable sweet flavor with a bit of spice in shrimp. Another favorite is the “Garlic Shrimp Scampi” which is becoming the new favorite of many shrimp lovers as the traditional shrimp flavor perfectly mixes with garlic.

The other three types of entrees on shrimp are: “Parmesan Shrimp”, “Shrimp Languini Alfredo” and “Hand-Breaded Shrimp”. The Parmesan and Hand-Breaded Shrimp is your traditional deep fried shrimp but with a Red Lobster twist. Parmesan crumbs with a hint of garlic sauce gives the latest shrimp entrée a tasty bump. The hand breaded shrimp is your traditional deep fried shrimp but it’s very tasty because of the Red Lobster coating.

It’s very important to remember that the Red Lobster Specials is only available for a limited time. To receive the latest specials from Red Lobster, customers should sign-up for the “Fresh Catch Club”. Members of Red Lobster’s online club immediately receive the latest news and entrees such as discount promotions and Red Lobster specials.


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